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Based in Melbourne, we have extensive experience in all areas of criminal law from complex criminal matters such as murder, money laundering and importation to driving offences.

Our expertise: Assault, AVO’s & IVO’s, Driving Offences, Firearms & Weapons, Homicide, Robbery & Theft

We are here to give you expert advice and legal representation and will always fight for your rights. If you ever need legal advice or representation come to the experts in criminal defence.

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A graduate from the University of Western Australia and studies at Sheffield University in England, Zarah is admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and is a registered practitioner with the High Court of Australia.

Over the last decade Zarah has built a reputation as one of Australia's top criminal defence lawyers, representing accused in some of this country’s most significant and complex proceedings. Zarah appears in trial proceedings before the County, Supreme and Appellate Courts of Victoria, NSW, WA and QLD.


Our Services

Garde Wilson Lawyers are the experts in criminal defence – it’s the only law we practice. If you are facing criminal charges ranging from simple traffic matters through to the most serious offences we can provide the services that you require at all stages of the legal process to secure the best outcome.

We offer a wide range of services:


Our 24 hour emergency help line will provide you with the immediate advice you need. This will ensure you avoid making any mistakes that will damage your case. Often your conduct in the first few hours of arrest is critical to your defence and you can only rely on an expert for this advice.

Bail Application

We are experts at bail applications in all courts from the Magistrates’ Court to the Court of Appeal. This is based on meticulous preparation by our legal team of each client’s individual circumstances and the appropriate legal argument to secure the terms and conditions of release.

Court Appearances

Appearing in court can be both intimidating and distressing for anyone. There are set rules and procedures to follow. Whether you are appearing in court for a bail application, on trial or have a sentencing hearing we can use our expertise to help.

Defence Strategy

Despite what the police might say, being charged by the Police with an offence does not mean that you will be found guilty of that offence. We have gained a credible reputation for exceptional preparation of defence strategies. Case conferences will be held to determine the best course of action.

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